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Sports Executives,
Over the past few weeks many have been contacting us to ascertain where and when we will be able to commence sports training and competition.
Recently the Ministry of Health advised us that they wanted each sector including sports to establish specific guidelines and to put in place an accreditation system.
The Commission working with Ministry of Youth & Sports has now issued guidelines and to enable each sport to be accredited, to ensure a Safe Fiji and show the world that we are ready and prepared.
I must therefore request that every sport now read the above guideline and complete the application for accreditation.
I recommend that you research and obtain copies of the guidelines put in place by your International Sports Body and adapt these. We are not alone in this exercise as it is being practised globally.
It is urgent that you call your executive and officials together to discuss and prepare the application and please return by 3rd June 2020.
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.

Regards to all,
Peter Mazey
Executive Chairman

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