Board Members

  • Peter Mazey
    Peter Mazey Executive Chairman
  • Litiana Loabuka
    Litiana Loabuka Board Member
  • Josefa Sania
    Josefa Sania Deputy Chairman
  • John Philp
    John Philp Board Member
  • David Voss
    David Voss Board Member
  • Cathy Wong
    Cathy Wong Board Member
  • Hari Raj Naicker
    Hari Raj Naicker Board Member
  • Alison Burchell
    Alison Burchell Board Member
  • Mrs Kelera Rovono
    Mrs Kelera Rovono Board Member


  • Peter Mazey
    Peter Mazey Executive Chairman
  • Joji Liga
    Joji Liga Manager Sports Development
  • Shalendra Ram
    Shalendra Ram Manager Finance
  • Moira Rodan
    Moira Rodan Research & Development
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