The Commission is required to advise Government of the funding requirements of NSO’s by May 2023 and we now require full details, and requests, from those“eligible sporting organisations” by May 2023.

Further to the discussions held at the last NSO Conference we are keen on receiving not only your requests for the next fiscal year being to July 2024, but as importantly, those major requests that you are now aware of over the following four years. This principally relates to Hosting of International events or for Overseas tours where you are required to attend world qualifying and ranking events.

Current Grants available to “eligible NSO’s” are:

Form 201: Short Term Expert – Local Development Officer: To assist funding of local development officers.

Form 202: Short Term International Expert Grant: To assist in acquiring overseas experts on short term basis.

Form SG301 : Overseas Sports Tours: To assist to send athletes or teams overseas for international competition. ONLY available for Ranking or qualifying tournaments of your sports national team or athlete..

Form SG302 : Host International Tournaments: To assist in hosting of international events which have overseas participants.

Form401:  Sports Scholarship Grants: To assist in sending elite athletes, and technical officials overseas for high level training on a short term basis.

Form 501: International Coaches Grant: To assist in appointment of international coaches for development of National teams and athletes.

To Be Considered for grants:

  1. An NSO to be considered for any grant funding, must be first certified by the Commission as an “eligible NSO” and,
  2. Be able to certify that it can provide a major portion of all budgeted expenditure as generally due to the large number of requests received the NSO should budget for up to 2 thirds of the cost.
  3. Have clearly demonstrated that it is transparent, accountable and practises good sports governance principals.
  4. Individual grant request templates (available on FNSC website) must be fully completed for each particular request and be delivered with all required documentation to Commission office by February 2023. Templates attached.
  5. Grants must include full budgets (income & Expenditure), details of event and invitation, details of benefits for sport and the benefits (detailed) to the Fiji economy.

Eligible Sports Organisations:

 To be certified as an “eligible NSO” an organisation must have shown that:

– it practises good sports governance,

– it has 4 year development plans (not just for the sport but also for the  funding of the Sport) and

– it shows accountability to its athletes, members and the sport.

Preference for funding assistance will be given to “eligible NSO’s” who are working with the Sports Commission and/or the community in the development of their sport and contributing to the physical wellbeing of Fijians through recreational sports development.


We must now provide Justification for any grant request by submitting the outcomes and impact of previous year grants. Please ensure this section of new grant forms is completed fully and show any change in international ranking for your sport.

I cannot stress the urgency in all NSO’s complying with our timelines to ensure they will be considered for assistance in next fiscal year from August 2023 to July 2024.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact myself or Sera at our office.


Peter Mazey
Executive Chairmain

Fiji National Sports Commission

The Fiji National Sports Commission was set up to establish higher standards of excellence in all sports delivery systems within Fiji.

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