Do some clubs/sports always seem to be in the local news while your club/sport never seems to get any coverage all? Attracting local media coverage for your club is really beneficial and all clubs/sports should aspire to have their stories told in the local media

Why is local media coverage important?

  • Firstly those involved in the club/sport, regardless of age, love to see their name and photo in the local newspapers or TV or hear their name on the radio. It makes us proud of what we as individuals, teams and as a club/sport have achieved.
  • It allows those not directly connected with the club/sport to follow the progress of the club/sport and its players. Even though they may not be attending games or competition this allows people to still feel connected to the club/sport. It re-enforces and builds a strong sense of belonging between the club/sport and those not regularly attending or participating.
  • It allows clubs/sports to communicate and promote itself to members of the community who currently have no links to the club/sport and potentially who otherwise would not even know of the clubs/sports existence.
  • Clubs/Sports can show a true sense of their values and culture through local media. Regardless of the culture and objectives of your club/sport this can be accurately portrayed through local media allowing you to connect with similar like-minded players, families and competitors.
  • When your club/sport has a “call to action” your club can access a much larger audience of the local media, not simply their smaller audience who already probably know of the situation anyway. Your club/sport may wish to invite the community to attend major events or major competitions or finals. When the invitation is coming through “main stream” media rather than simply club generated media the general public often feels more welcome.
  • Fundraising! – By being able to communicate your clubs/sports major fundraising activities to the broader local community , especially if they are events such as lovo nights, kati’s, fairs or other community based events will make a tremendous difference to sales and general public awareness.
  • Local sports clubs/associations do so much within their community that has absolutely nothing to do with sport. They offer support, comfort and for people in their time of need. Often the actions within a club are inspiring, not just in a sporting context but in a community leadership context and if a club has a way of telling these stories to the community then that is a very strong message of positive re-enforcement which increases the probability of the fantastic behaviour being repeated again and again by club members.
  • Knowing that a key milestone within the club/sport is likely to generate media coverage is a very motivating factor for many people, not just players. If volunteers recognise that your club often profiles great volunteering efforts as much as it does great playing or competition feats then this can be a great form of motivation.

• It makes it a lot easier to recruit players if your club/sport is in the media while other clubs are not. If potential participants are continually hearing and seeing information about a club or sport they feel like they already have a relationship with the club/sport (even though they may not even realise this). If the news they are hearing is always positive then why would they look for another club/sport.

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