Educate the Educator

Educate the Educator focused on any sports and also included generic Coaches Education Workshop. Basically teaching the skills, technique and administration of the sports for competition purposes.

Target Group

The program has been introduced to target PEMAC teachers and Sports teachers in Primary and Secondary Schools.


  1. To raise the level of Sports Education in Schools.
  2. To empower the teachers with the knowledge and skills of the sport.
  3. Teachers to confidently conduct informed and relevant coaching programs.

Course Content

  1. Sports Education / Sports Science.
  2. General Fitness.
  3. Duties of Officials.
  4. Skills and Rules.
  5. Sports Administrations

At the end of the Educate the Educators Program, the participants will be able to

  1. Teach the correct Technique and Skills to the students.
  2. Well versed with the rules of the sport.
  3. Be able to officiate at District level events.
  4. Control organised tournaments.